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For those Dair Shippers that don’t regret that DAIR happen <3. here is the next video: ”GREAT THINGS GROW IN BROOKLYN” 

For those Dair Shippers that don’t regret that DAIR happen <3. here is the next video: ”GREAT THINGS GROW IN BROOKLYN” 

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Dair Fic - The Dance, Part V


synopsis: Fifteen years post S5 finale.  Blair has been living in Paris, managing Waldorf Designs.  She returns to New York for a wedding.  Inspired by the awesome Rebeccavis’ We Could Have Had it All.  Multi-chapter.

Considering that I live and breathe angst, this is getting ridiculously fluffy, or maybe it’s just happy, like Dan and Blair deserve to be.  Anyway, Blair is back in Paris, alone.  


The next time Blair sees Dan it’s unexpected.

She returns to Paris and is back to the office the next day, trying to get caught up on meetings, and she ends up staying late at the office night after night, eating takeout ordered by her assistant, pouring over designs, trying to get everything ready for fashion week.

There’s barely any time to think about Dan, but still, he’s rarely far from her thoughts. He has a strange way of creeping into her head at the oddest moments, and even if Blair brushes him away, he comes back.

Things aren’t quite the same as they were before New York. Blair used to like the busy-ness. She liked working late and waking early and having her time filled with conference calls and important decisions, eating out of plastic to go containers and having nothing in her fridge. It felt like the trappings of success. Now it all feels a little hollow. Like there’s something missing.

Blair collapses into bed every night and that’s when she misses him, and she wants to hear his voice, but Dan had said day by day, and that means there is no tomorrow. And he’s not here. He’s in California and she’s in Paris, and it’s starting to feel like New York might have been a figment of her imagination.

That’s why when there’s a knock on her door one night, a few weeks after her return from Serena and Nate’s wedding, a few weeks after Dan walked back into her life and back out of it, Blair opens it and her mouth falls open in surprise.

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I&#8217;d wish Gossip Girl writers had the same perspective as Dairfanfics writers!

I’d wish Gossip Girl writers had the same perspective as Dairfanfics writers!

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Sleazy Demure: Since I am all about renewing my sense of hope and continuing to dare...



Since I am all about renewing my sense of hope and continuing to dare to Dair, I wanted to point something out.

In the finale, Blair did, in fact, admit that she loved Dan.

I think for us viewers things can end up being a little too black and white based on our own preferences, but really, for…

If you guys haven’t read this you should. Makes some really valid points. While I would like my wild fanatical theory of Dan not having actually slept with Serena and Blair having only left Dan under duress from Georgina to work out, it’s a long shot.

So working under the crazy assumption that Blair really does love Chuck and wants to fight for him, I found the theories int eh above article really plausible.

I’ve been trying to wrack my brain into coming up with a reason that Blair would choose Chuck over Dan. The “fighting for her” theory is the only one that remotely makes sense. It parallels the premiere perfectly. In the premiere Blair wants to leave Louis and tells Dan that “I can’t marry someone who doesn’t stand up for me.” In the last scene of the finale she shows up and tells him she’s there because he fought for her all year. She’s wants someone who will fight for her and from her POV it seems like Chuck was the one doing that. Personally I don’t think he fought for her at all. He just seemed to convince himself he was over her before admitting the fact that he wasn’t and then proceeding to stalk and harass her when she didn’t want him there. I can kinda understand where she is coming from because in her twisted mind, even though she kept pushing Chuck away he was always there right behind her.

On the other, Dan never pushed her. He always followed her lead on things. He had feelings for her last year, but the moment she said that it meant nothing to her, he backed off completely. He never stalked her, pushed his feelings on her, or complicated things for her by forcing her to put him into the mix of her romantic decisions. He truly did fight FOR her while Chuck fought AGAINST her. He fought for her happiness and put aside his feelings. Unfortunately for Blair, this just made it seem like he didn’t want her badly enough. But we all know it wasn’t true, he did want her, but he respected her enough as a woman to make her own choices and then respect those boundaries. I think Blair is one of those women that put up boundaries just to see who is brave enough and loves her intensely enough to break through them.

Funny thing to note, Blair didn’t actually bet on Chuck, she bet for him and on a game of chance no less. A game of chance that they were cheating on. :)

I think Blair loves Chuck and Dan but I think that Blair’s heart was messed up enough this season that she would gravitate towards anyone that she felt loved her enough. So when Dan finally fessed up his feelings and told her that he couldn’t be her friend anymore because he wanted more, I think she gravitated towards it because it that point in time it seemed so powerful to her. But his insecurity about Chuck really weakened his love for her in his eyes. I think she might actually be testing Dan’s love subconsciously by leaving him and then seeing if he loves her enough to not back off when she asks him to.

There’s also the fact that the DB relationship, along with it being the realization of everything Dan hoped he could have with Blair, it was mainly about healing Blair. It was largely about fixing those gaping problems that Chuck caused. To Dan’s credit, he’s done a great job in helping Blair pick up the pieces and put herself back together. But there is one last thing in Blair that needs fixing before she can finally be healthy. She needs her perception on love fixed. She needs to know in a very conscious way that love that makes you feel strong and safe is always better than love that devastates you. And this is one problem that Dan can’t help her with because he’s tied to the solution so intimately. This is one Blair has to figure out on her own. The sad thing is, even if she does realize this, trouble is already looming for them. While Dan might be able to forgive Blair for leaving him for Chuck, I don’t think Blair is going to be forgiving enough to Dan to let his ONS with Serena go. Blair will forgive Chuck, Serena, and Nate anything, but she holds Dan to higher standards. I don’t know if she can forgive him. Maybe if it’s revealed within the first couple of episodes and Dan fights for her throughout the season then maybe but even then, Blair can really hold a grudge when it comes to Dan. The funny thing is, if she really does want to be a powerful woman, strong, and independent, then she probably shouldn’t let it go considering this is the second time someone has done this to her.

This is why I was so desperate to come up with a rational reason to absolve Dan of this DS sex.

Honestly, I’m actually not mad at Blair for going back to Chuck. I always thought she needed one more go around with Chuck to prove to her a) what kind of love is better and b) that she doesn’t actually love Chuck anymore.

I really don’t think she loves Chuck anymore, saying it and believing it has just become habit for her and for him. She’s gotten so used to the idea that now she just seems to be irrationally fixated on being with him with no real emotion behind the desire.

I do think Dan will fight for Blair, using the Chuck method this time. You know: pretending that he’s over her, skewering her in his book, and then admitting that he’s not over her. They’ve alluded to it a little bit:

Blair asked Dan whether he’s joining the army when he showed up for a sleepover (5.20)

He’s already chosen his battle tactic: scorching the earth (military operation invented by the British used in WWII)

He’s already out for blood with his book.

With the season finale, they’ve really set up next season as Basses vs Humphreys. Dan and Rufus on one side and Bart and Chuck on the other.

Everything is primed for war. If the writers are smart enough, they’ll have these two sides duke it out. It could actually be entertaining.

Going back to why Blair told Chuck ILY. I can’t figure it out. I’m not sure that she went to the Empire to tell Chuck it’s over. I think she made another decision all together. Like in the article above, I agree that Blair had already chosen the better love, which was Dan’s. It was clear that she wanted to be strong. She said so to her mother when talking about running her company. And she stated that Dan’s love was the one that made her strong. Like this article mentions, Blair said she tried to “kill” her feelings for Chuck, which is something that Dan told Serena about his love for Blair. She even said the words “you have me” when Chuck said that he lost everything which is the exact thing that Dan told her if she lost everything. I think she subconsciously knows that Dan’s love is better she just decided to give it to Chuck. This is my theory: Dan’s love did a lot in healing Blair. I think that Blair thinks that if Dan’s love healed her then she can heal Chuck by giving that same love to him. But I think she’s going to find out that even though you can heal some people that they will never fit you like you want them to. Because before Chuck got messed up by his daddy and mommy issues, he still wasn’t good enough for Blair. He was still lewd, perverse, and womanizing with intelligence limited to scheming.

And I don’t get Blair right now. Because she claims to be intelligent, cultured, and well bred but she chooses to be with a man who feels at home in a brothel. Because it’s his family run brothel. It’s disgusting. Is this really what she wants? Is this how she wants to spend her saturday nights? 15 years from now when Chuck gets home from work does she really want to ask how his burlesque club is going, if the family brothel is up to par, and make sure he hasn’t traded any girls for a hotel? Does she really want to have conversations with her father in law about if their clients are pleased? Does she want to have breakfast with Chuck’s uncle who essentially came very close to emotionally raping her? What does she want to tell her kids when daddy doesn’t come home at night on certain days of the month? Does she really want her mother’s company associated with prostitution, and possible human trafficking? Because that brothel really did seem like human trafficking with all the talk of a boat and the “cargo” and Diana spending time in Europe on “business.” Does she want to give prostitutes lessons on how to be good prostitutes like she did with Lola and Ivy during that scheme then come home and tell her daughter that fairytales are real? 

She seemed disturbed and disgusted herself walking through that brothel herself so why would she want this to be her life?

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You know what I love about this? She doesn’t just say Dan. She says Oh Dan.


You know what I love about this? She doesn’t just say Dan. She says Oh Dan.

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